2010 Los Angeles Chinese New Year Restaurants

If you find there are a million things you intend to do, but somehow you forget, procrastinate, or just plain run out of time, I know how you feel. Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to accomplish.

Ashley and JP talked to Us magazine Sunday night while attending a charity event for the ASPCA with their Yorkie, Boo. Hebert told the mag that she’s excited to be finished with her program so she can turn her “attention elsewhere”!

Therefore, and it being the start of the happy new year 2019 wishes, 2013, here are my bold, zany, wild-ass predictions — that I nonetheless absolutely believe will come true over the next five years.

If you’re feeling a little strapped for cash, or you’d rather have a low-key hang than go to a party at a Hollywood club with 1,000 or more of your closest friends, I’ve put together an alternative list for you. Remember—there are parties for all kinds of tastes, so there’s no excuse to hole up in your apartment if you don’t have to. Even going to your neighborhood bar at midnight can be a fun experience, so enjoy!

Some of your written goals may, and should be lofty. Those are the goals that should have subgoals. Depending on the nature of your goals, then, your plans and subgoals will be more elaborate. Conversely some goals may be that simple that they will not have subgoals. One simple action can complete that objective.

Stay hydrated. A huge problem in overweight Americans is that we develop a quality where we mistake thirst for hunger. If you feel hungry, but you ate very recently, drink a full glass of water first and see how you feel.

Extended family dinners via Skype, FaceTime and similar services will be a common practice. ‘Adopted’ family members — such as those children you ‘adopt’ and support via services like Christian Childrens Fund, will regularly participate.

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