A Wedding From The Photographer’s Point Of View

The search for a right wedding photographer for your big day should be a fun and exciting experience. It helps if you are to provide an insight about the photography and common questions armed. As a professional wedding photographer with over 15 years experience, I’ve met with many potential clients wedding. While tastes vary, the goal is always the same, always the best photographer for you and your budget.

The fifth and final tip happens on the big day. Now that you have already met your photographer, you can be comfortable that an unkempt professional will not be showing up on your beautiful wedding day. By now, you know what kind of work your photographer does what the prices are, and how well you two get along. Do a quick run through with the photographer one last time, and let the magic begin. Enjoy yourself and let the photographer capture brilliant moments.

Glamor Shots: Not interested in weddings or portraits? What about glamor shots? Make arrangements with your local beauty salons and spend 4 hours on a Saturday taking glamor shots for their clients. You could earn some great money just hitting one shop every weekend.

wedding photographer in essex s need to have immense creativity, imagination, observation power, a passion for the camera & the concept of marriage, ability to mix with new people and capacity to work hard. If you have it all, be sure you will make an awesome Wedding photographer. However, besides these very basic points, you need to keep some details in your mind.

LOVE their work. Pick out a few photographers whose work stands out to you. This is really a personal decision as each photographer has his or her own unique style.

I don’t say this to elicit pity for the pricey photographer – yes, good wedding photographers absolutely can make a comfortable living (and some do.) I mention it only because these are real costs that a professional must account for and factor into their prices.

Consultation. Make sure to setup a consultation with your potential photographer(s) to go over details and see more work. It’s a good idea to see albums from individual weddings to get an idea of what you can expect. “Portfolio” albums from different weddings may not be typical.

Used photo equipment is often very cheap, but make sure you get it from a proper dealer that took the time to test it and refurbish it. Professional equipment is usually worn out by the time it is sold, so make sure you are not throwing away your money.

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