Best Sleep Aid To Help Our Sleep

Millions of people suffer from lack of sleep from snoring. While these millions suffer so, do their partners and possibly others in the home, such as family members. Snoring can range from minor to so severe that no one else in the home will ever get any sleep. Some snoring can be extremely loud and some may say it do not even sound as if it is coming out of another human. While it may seem as if you will never find anything to help there are potential cures for snoring out there.

Lavender has so many uses it’s been called the “Swiss army knife” of herbs. In addition to the powerful fragrance (the essential oil in lavender is one of the top-ten most used in the fragrance industry), it has many medicinal values as well. These include women and children’s health, skin care, nervous system conditions, and pain relief.

Mmm, chamomile can make for a soothing tea. Like many other medicinal herbs, it has great digestive benefits. It can also be a calming and melaluna sleep aid. You’ll want to grow the German variety as this will produce harvestable flowers in just over two months. The best time to grow them is early in the season as it tends to bolt in the hot summer.

Rub Your Stomach: Rubbing your stomach soothes your digestive system allowing your to relax easier. It also improves the function of your digestive system, which can aid in weight loss. You want to start at your belly button with your hand flat and begin rubbing gently in clockwise circles all the while making the circles larger until you hit the outside of your stomach. Then head back in towards your belly button. After that start again only make your circles counter clockwise. Repeat this entire process with the other hand and continue for a few more rounds if you feel you need to.

If you are pregnant or overweight, this will also contribute to snoring. You will want to let your doctor know about snoring when you are pregnant. This will affect the amount of oxygen you and your baby are getting while you are pregnant. If you are overweight, you will want to talk to your doctor about a plan to rid yourself of some weight. This can also help you with snoring. Extra weight around the neck and chest can contribute to snoring along with sleeping on your back. A simple home remedy for snoring may be all you need to help you sleep better.

Okay, I’m 18 yrs. Old and I am a female…if this will have any signifigance. I seem to be to be tired a lot. Even when I get a polite amount of sleep. The other day I went to bed at a ordinary time…lets say 12 30 midnight. I woke up…

Avoid napping. Napping often perpetuates insomnia; however, if you must nap, keep it short. A brief 15-20 minute cat nap can actually be rejuvenating, late in the day.

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