How To Use A Pocket Alarm To Give You Time To Get Away From An Attack

Everyone needs to think about being the victim of a crime in this unstable economy. Crime is on the rise in almost every city in the country and can happen to anyone at anytime in any place. People need to learn how to be proactive before they become a victim and not reactive because they are a victim.

While shopping inside it is a good idea to avoid dark hallways and stockrooms, especially at closing time. Be sure to only use bathrooms that are located in high traffic areas of the mall such as the food court.

I yelled at him and told him “don’t stop or I will ride in to you. A second later Kelly said “I hear something and its getting louder” I said ” I hear it to and it sounds like a train”.

Every room that has two entrances should have a three way light switch installed at each entrance. You could try motion sensor lighting but it has been my experience that a person is halfway into the room before the light comes on.

While on outdoor shopping trips or driving, seniors may also be vulnerable, especially if they go out alone. Due to their age, size and physical condition, they may be easy prey for a mugging or theft. A woman could be knocked down and have her purse stolen, a man may be pick pocketed and then knocked down just for kicks. Some precautions here would include, for women, carrying money and valuables in a pocket instead of a purse, and, for men, keeping his wallet in his front pocket. A small personal alarm for women with a panic button could help prevent an attacker from doing them harm. The loud alarm may scare him off and it will draw attention of others nearby to call for help.

Blind your attacker. Shining a bright light into an attacker’s eyes causes temporary disorientation, buying you a precious moment in which to spray mace, flee, or use one of your other self-defense techniques. This effect is short-lived, however, so you should already be on the move when you flash your beam.

Be alert: It’s easy to get into the “zone” while running. But try not to tune out the entire world! Be alert and aware. Take care to notice if anyone comes running up behind you, or if an oncoming driver appears not to notice you. Your senses and your judgment are the most valuable safety tool you carry.

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How To Use A Pocket Alarm To Give You Time To Get Away From An Attack

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