Ielts Exam Preparation Tips: Academic Writing Paper Part 2

I feel your pain. I mean, I really do. My own poor father has received way more cheesy sailing-related tchotchkes (how many coasters does one man need?) and more books he’s already read and DVDs he’ll never watch than any one person should in a lifetime. Dads are hard to buy for.

If your teacher gives you a choice, choose the research paper that best fits you; one that interests you and maybe you know something about. This will greatly accelerate the process and make it more enjoyable. If you have no interest in the topic, it’s likely to show when you sumit your classification essay topics list.

Paragraph 5 – Conclusion: This paragraph should be 5 to 6 sentences and should end the paragraph. This means that it should pull all the evidence together and show, in summary, how the evidence supports the thesis.

Each time you are about to work on your essay, read the official contest rules again. You would be surprised how something you glossed over the first time may seem much more significant on the second or third reading. No matter how brilliant and perfect your agriculture essay is, if you don’t follow the rules exactly as specified, you could disqualify yourself and have wasted your time and chance at a wonderful opportunity.

Because the science section will measure your reasoning, it is the easiest section of the ACT. It will be important to know how to read scientific data in charts, graphs or reports.

Gather together all of the information (that you didn’t have in step 3). If your application requires teacher evaluations, counselor recommendations, or other supporting documents, spend the time to gather all of them.

8) Go to bed early: It is important to be well rested for an exam. Any time spent studying while you are exhausted will be wasted anyway, as you are less likely to retain the information. Wake up early, have a well-balanced breakfast and review your notes before the exam.

You can also get good results with a disciplined approach, perhaps a one-on-one tutor and a good ACT guide book. If you chose a one-on-one tutor, they should help you in the ACT content areas, as well as, strategies how to take the test. You will need to know content, as well as, methods or processes for math problems and reading. Feedback is essential to avoid making the same errors and to know why you may have missed an understanding of a subject area.

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