Make Him Commit – Sealing That Deal For Life

It’s time for some Lost man candy. Which man on ABC’s Lost is your style? I have been in online conversations where other women are staking claim to their favorite piece of Lost man candy. This reminds me of that classic board game, Mystery Date. Which male character from ABC’s Lost is the one is for you?

Black carries energy of strength, protection and power. It is a good grounding color. It adds sophistication to any room, but use sparingly in the dining room, kitchen and a child’s room.

Why a computer? First of all, publishers typically will request a copy of your files sent to them on a floppy disk. More importantly, working with a word processing program will aid you in many ways towards becoming a published author. It will provide the opportunity to save your work as a Word file, without having to use up tons of paper (as with a typewriter). This greatly aids you in keeping your work organized. It also gives you the flexibility to edit and re-edit large sections of your work quickly by allowing you to utilize the copy and paste functions.

A: No. Demi is 15, and Joe is 18, so that would be totally illegal. Also, Demi has a boyfriend (Nick Braun, see photos of them here), and Joe Jonas is said to be dating Chelsea Staub, 19, who starred in the movie Bratz. That being said, things do change – Demi and all three of the Jonas brothers will be on tour all summer, which is how the Miley Cyrus’ Adult dating rumors got started last year.

One major difference, when a person is on the internet they can be anyone they want to be. In addition they can say all of the right things because they are creating a person they figure someone out in cyberspace wants to be with. At least when you meet someone in person first (not from the internet but someone you met while you were out) you can try to get a feel of who they are and what they are all about with face to face conversation.

Sayid knows a lot about people and about how to do things and fix things. If you were stranded on a deserted island, Sayid would be the Lost man candy you would want to have with you. You would not get cold at night.

Bill Nye, the Science Guy: This crazy science guy is about the only thing that kept me sane in science class. He didn’t necessarily make learning fun, but he was fun to watch, and he got me out of having to do any actual work some days, in class. He has his own show on Planet Green now, so that shows he’s not too old to still do Bill Nye, the Science Guy again. Besides, now he can take things from his green show, and teach kids about green living.

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