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Remember the old song, “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers? Well, if you do, you know that the chorus said that the most important part of winning at poker is knowing when to fold and when to hold. The same is true of picking winners at the dog track.

When I started my career as an online Bandar Ceme Terpercaya player I was merely crawling and far from walking and running. I bought a ton of related books and studied very hard. I tried to memorize odds because in the heat of the moment you are not functioning as well. I played and played and played to try to calculate the odds, how many outs I had and so on. I felt like the most stupid person in the world when I miscalculated situations and lost a pot.

You should know how strong your hand is almost immediately because you have completed step 1 diligently. Now, you cannot really know your opponents hands but you can guess. You’ll have to learn how to figure this out based on how they act, their style, how they bet etc. The first part is guessing what hand they have and the second is fitting that into the hand-strength chart so you know how well you think they are doing.

Third, there are times when you want to move all-in on the flop and there are times you don’t. Knowing the right times to push all-in is very important in no limit tournaments. However, for the purpose of this article, you did not move all-in.

I did this one after losing $1800 by being recklessly aggressive with really good hands, but had I played those hands a little more carefully I would have seen that I was beat or lost much less money.

You want to be dressed right and you want to protect your cards: except when you’re out playing poker at the casino, the protection you want here is of your game. The last thing you need is to have your hole cards accidentally flipped over, or have the far edge pop up for all to read when you lift a corner to take a peak at what you’ve got.

As you play remember to write down lessons learned. If you don’t write them you won’t remember them. Plus keep those lessons close at hand in charts, notes, your journal or sticky notes.

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