Why Does Wedding Photography Cost So Much?

Regardless if you are an amateur or a professional photographer, if you commit yourself to a wedding you must have top notch photo equipment. Countless times I’ve seen wedding photographers shooting a wedding with less than standard equipment. This is not only very unprofessional, but it is also very risky; if something goes wrong with your amateur camera, go tell the bride that you can’t finish the job.

Next to actually hearing Entertainers in person, recommendations from friends and family can be quite helpful. Just be a bit skeptical, if a friend, of a friend, of a friend, has a brother-in-law, that sometimes plays the tuba (or whatever). Ask how long they have been performing, and request names of recent performance venues. Also ask for a video or audio file of their work.

By this point, you have made most of the Music Entertainment decisions for your Wedding. Your next step is actual Entertainer selection (Musicians, Bands, or DJ’s).

What is an adequate photographic equipment for a essex wedding photographer? Simple: the top, the best, the most expensive. No way around it. It is useless for me to list camera models here, because especially with digital photography, cameras evolve very quickly and before long this article would be dated. Instead choose a brand among the world’s five best (Leica, Hasselblad, Mamiya, Canon, Nikon), look at the top 3 most expensive cameras… and pick one. That is the camera you will be expected to use at a wedding. Anything less will not be top notch photo equipment.

Make a list of the pictures you want. Be specific. List who, what, when and where on your list. If you want a picture of the bouquet by itself. Be specific.

The base of any makeup is extremely important. If your make-up artist gets the base perfect, then other things will fall in place. Hence a perfect foundation or primer base is a must. Just applying powder may make your face look absolutely flat and even portrait photographers Perth will not be able to correct it.

The next part of the equation is price. Does the quality of their work match their prices? Are you getting a poor, fair or great value in the asking price? A simple way to find out the answer is to ask the candidate a few questions. What kind of equipment do they use? This includes cameras, lenses, lighting, on and off camera flashes, and editing software. If you’re having an indoor or nighttime wedding you’ll definitely want to have some lighting and at the very least a flash.

The unfortunate truth is that once your wedding is over you can not repeat the day to have it professionally captured due to the many errors made by the less experienced photographer.

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